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Blow Moulding Machine
PET water bottles and jars are produced using a blow moulding machine. Different kinds of bottles for packaging carbonated drinks, mineral water, oil, cosmetics products, etc., can be produced using such machine. 
PET Bottle Blowing Machine
PET bottle blowing machine is what you need for you mineral water bottles manufacturing plant. This machine can be employed with a guarantee of high precision, fast speed, stable function, high productivity and product consistency.
Plastic Bottle Making Machine
Plastic bottles in different colors, shapes and sizes can be produced using our plastic bottle making machine. These bottles are ideal for storing or packaging juice, oil, phenyl, liquid soap, etc.
Packaged Drinking Bottle Machine
Packaged drinking bottle machine is an ideal machine for the production of drinking water bottles. The enclosed system operates without making any noise; maintains hygiene and safe working conditions.

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